Can Businesses Rely on PPC Advertisement?

PPC is most popular form of advertising on net? Is this a myth or truth? Let a PPC Master Guru explain you.

There are many justifications for PPC advertising, some are being revealed here:

1- This is the only quickest way to start getting (drive) value traffic (value traffic in this sense your aspired audience are moved to visit by clicking on your ad / advert) to your site and have people that have actual interest in your services / products!

2- Through PPC search network the keywords that you’d chosen display / trigger your ad / advert to only those searcher those search terms (in the search boxes) matched and thus served the message / service / product you’re offering in your ads / adverts.

3- Through PPC display network your image ad that you design (or get designed from any professional) is displayed / triggered on those websites that match (specific match or broad match) your selected keywords / contextual targeting. This PPC is still focused on your target audience.

4- Through PPC you’d market your services / products to your target audience in any desired location. Say, you’d reach your audience in any specific territory, city of any country you choose.

5- The best part of PPC advertising is that you’d start it with a marginal amount ($10) and have complete control over you PPC spending through setting most competitive bid that you’d offer. The PPC system gathers all the bids of PPC advertiser and select the number of highest bids in competition and arrange their ads /adverts on the basis of their bids for the available ad rank. Usually the highest ranked ad / advert appeals / moves the net searcher most to click and visit the site that ad / advert is intended to drive (each direct results in value traffic to the site / website / destination URL).

6- You pay (as PPC stand for: pay per click) when your focus audience click on the ad / advert. Another option that is popular for branding is called CPM. Through CPM advertising you pay for 1000 impressions of your ad /advert on your desired / auto selected placements (websites).

7- You have control on scheduling your advertisement. It means you’d choose any desired period; start date and end date. Also you’d select all days or desired day of the week. So much so you’d choose separate timings for each day within 24 hours.

8- In display network advertising, that refers to websites in diversified categories, most of these websites manage their members according to their age. This demographic feature is available to focus or skip any particular age group to meet advertising objective.

9- In display network advertising, advertisers can control their ads frequency to a single user. It means you’d fix any number of ad / adverts impression to a single viewer to make sure ad are viewed by majority of the selected audience.

10. The most attractive feature is bidding option. Advertiser can opt for automatic bidding feature or manual to limit maximum bid to each prospective click.

11. The latest addition is Google Shopping PLA Campaign. Using GMC you’d submit your eCommerce store products feed and Google Ads show the ads to the searchers looking for the product!

Having read above PPC advertising salient features, I hope all type of businesses in any vertical would find PPC adverting highly productive to their sales & marketing objectives.

The most effective PPC advertising that cover almost 80% of the net resources is covered by Google Ads. The rest 20% share is somehow shared between many PPC networks, like, BingAds by MSN and YSM by

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